Li Hui


                                                                                 Li Hui (click)

MOSSLESS: How are you creating these wonderful photos?

LI HUI: By keeping a childish heart.

ML: You’ve taken a lot of portraits - but don’t seem to ever show faces. Why is this?
LH: I think people change their faces too fast in the real world. Sometimes there is no way of knowing their true feelings. But I just wanna know more about what’s going on inside of them and their body language tells me that. Besides, I am a really shy person, so it’s hard for me to focus on someone’s face.

ML: What kind of childhood did you have? From your quiet photos my guess is that you were a more reserved kid, but I may be way off.
LH: I spent a great part of my childhood with my grandfather. He was a very quiet person and we would rarely talk to each other. So at that time I’ve been talking to myself occasionally. To this day I have communication problems, I am afraid of people and crowds outside. Maybe that’s the reason why I am still like a child and I wanna keep it that way. So my pictures are a way of communicating with the inner child of the viewer.

ML: What’s your favourite animal?
LH: Actually I like all animals, except for snakes. For some reason they seem like monsters to me.