‘In my case, I see design as a way to surprise myself and the people I work for. The desire for change and diversity in my work is largely determined by finding the right balance between function, technique, culture, emotion and personal input. Whether talking about serial or experimental products, I try to create objects as they should be, with or without compromises! This approach gives me a kind of interactive mental kitchen from which to draw on different ingredients and redefine everyday things. There is a certain continuity to the way my career has developed, but design has a broad meaning and that gives my approach a lot of space to play with.’

de Bram Boo (click)

Backstage cupboard

Overdose desk

Inspired by the designer’s own ‘charming’ office mess and previous projects such as the Lazy desk, it is conceived to make order from disorder.

Lazy desk

Overdose chair

Sleepless bed